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Our small team spent a little over a year designing an experience dedicated to viewing short-form content on your phone.

With the launch of Quibi in the App store and Google Play Store, we saw over 1.7 million app downloads in the first week.

We released a total of 50 brand new shows — Survive, Most Dangerous Game, Flipped, and Chrissy’s Court among others.

Rest in Peace Quibi, 2020-2020

Snapchat x Air Jordan

Snapchat’s collaboration with Nike’s Jordan brand, Darkstore, and Shopify allowed users to purchase the Air Jordan III “Tinker” on Snapchat.

Users scanned the Air Jordan Snapcode, which unlocked an A/R lens
of Michael Jordan’s iconic slam dunk from 1988,
and were able to purchase the sneakers in Snapchat.

In 24 hours 5.8 million unique users were reached,
achieved 4X the normal user engagement, and became the #1 brand engagement in Snapchat history.

The experience went on to win 6 Cannes Lions awards.

The shoes sold out in 23 minutes.

Watch how we did it

Snapchat Profiles

Communication is the heart of Snapchat.

We needed to enhance how we communicate with each other on the service.
Enter My Profile, Friendship, Group, Creator, and Show Profiles.

Profiles make it easy to find the Snapchat features that you care about the most, like your Snapchat identity, Bitmoji, Story Management, Chat, Friend info,
location on the Map, and even some new additions like Charms.

Since launching, Friendship Profile views have more than doubled
to 350 Million views a day.

Let’s be friends

Snap Originals

New original shows from some of the world’s greatest storytellers,
with interactive experiences you can step into and share.

As part of the Snapchat Profiles initiative, Snap Originals needed it’s own interface that could display a show, content library, and the newest episodes.

Now our users can easily dive in and watch their new favorite series on Snap.

Bhad Bhabie’s series, Bringing up Bhabie, generated over
10 Million unique views in the first 24 hours after its debut.

Smash that subscribe button

Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay

Our product team created an experience that allows customers to place a Starbucks order from their phone and pick up from a barista in a café.

The Starbucks App now has over 18.9 million active users,
accounting for 17% of sales.

Oh yeah, and we invented the FRAP

Starbucks x Spotify

In partnership with Spotify, we’ve created a great way for our customers to see what’s playing in our stores, and save songs they enjoy to their own playlist in Spotify. Our customers can also let us know what songs they love, so we can tailor what’s played in stores.

We wanted to create an innovative experience with a beautiful story to let Starbucks connect people through music, both in and out of our stores.

Read more about our design process at Starbucks

Starbucks 3.0

Lots of work went into not only accommodating screen size and updating UI elements for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus — we refined the Pay feature.

This includes improved ways to manage your Starbucks Cards,
transfer balances, add and view in Passbook,
and the ability to add a new Starbucks Card to your phone.

Also, when you’re ready to pay, the Barcode screen now displays available
rewards, offers, and coupons.
Making it easier to discover and apply to your order.

Hi, I’m Trevor.

Born in New Jersey, raised in Music City, and currently living in LA.
I’m married to my wife Meghan. We have two children, Phoenix and Nova.
I played in some bands in my late teens/early twenties, dropped out of college,
toured North America, founded a clothing company called Ginger Problems,
and then somehow landed a career in design.

Things I Like.

iced almond milk lattes, eighties new wave, hot sauce, jimmy eat world, la croix, disneyland,
running in santa monica, the peach truck, seattle rain, back to the future, the comedy store on
a week night, 2am waffle house, vinyl records, retro toys, imogen heap, “wiz wit”, pee-wee herman,
a good windbreaker, the tennessee vols, mid 2000’s post-hardcore, cotton candy grapes, tokyo, hans zimmer,
whose line is it anyway?, night drives, leo’s tacos truck on la brea, impressions, the breakfast club, boba tea,
point dume village, mister rogers, animal style with whole grilled onions, yorkshire tea, snowboarding in alaska,
cherry coke, E.T., joshua tree mornings, memphis bbq, and singing loud for all to hear.

Music I’m jamming.